Are you heavily dependent on document production? Do you require strict adherence to style and content? Do personnel struggle with complex instructions about systems, precedents and formatting?

You need ‘one click’ automation.

Most companies reach a point in their growth when systems and service standards become difficult to control. Corporate standards can begin to disintegrate (despite best intentions) as individuals within the organisation develop their own styles, or move on taking working knowledge of the firm’s systems and templates with them.

This fragmentation quickly becomes evident in the marketplace, showing up as inefficiency, lack of consistency, errors, staff stress and poor customer service.

‘One click’ automation will dramatically increase quality and productivity.

Easy to use ‘one click’ automation of Microsoft Office templates, macros, databases and spreadsheets within customised desktop environments will significantly increase quality and productivity.

Yorston Services has over 15 years experience in precedent automation using macros and templates, software development and training for accountants, law firms and government departments.


The benefits will be immediately obvious at all levels of the organisation, including

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Increased staff confidence and flexibility
  • More consistency and professionalism
  • Client satisfaction

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