‘One click’ automation

Easy to use ‘one click’ automation of templates, macros, databases and spreadsheets for Word, Access and Excel significantly reduces drafting time and therefore costs.

The benefits are immediately obvious at all levels of the organisation.

Automation includes customised desktop environments that can be rolled out as part of your Standard Operating Environment (SOE) across the organisation.  Systems are easy to use and learn, and staff management is significantly simplified. Support personnel can move between different areas of the organisation and work productively, with no need to learn ‘how things are done’ in different parts of the company. Temps can come in and get up to speed quickly.

Professional staff can focus on content, using billable hours effectively, rather than spending time on formatting documents and checking for accuracy. Administration personnel are more confident, more productive and more efficient, with none of the frustration otherwise experienced in trying to get the content right and important documents professionally finished.

Automation of commonly used routines

  • Electronic letterhead – One click to add a company letterhead, one click to remove. Many clients use this when they need to email documents outside the organisation. Also print internally on pre-printed letterhead or print draft copies without the letterhead details.
  • Print macro – We have created print macros for many of our clients who need to be able to add watermarks or document ID details on the printed copy only. In one click print the original to letterhead and plain paper and also produce a file copy on different paper.  We will simplify automated printing specifications in a single form for easy use by all staff.
  • Electronic documents – Allow staff to email a document in protected form so that the recipient can only add comments or track changes without affecting the original document.
  • Watermarks that work – Select from range of standard watermarks and in one click add, change or remove the watermark in all pages of a document, even large multi-section documents.
  • Document production – Automation of standard client documents, incl. letters, proforma deeds, agreements, invoices, etc
  • Clauses – Easy access to company-wide clauses such as execution clauses
  • Table of contents with paragraph numbers – Automatically generate a table of contents that lists paragraph numbers instead of Word’s standard table of contents that uses page numbers
  • One-step copy/paste between documents –Custom copy/paste routine which copies formatted text from a source document, pastes it into client document and applies client styles in place of original source styles – all in one step
  • Auto-numbering that works – Yorston Services has created a range of customised auto-numbering schemes for clients that work.  If you are typing paragraph numbers manually because you can’t find a numbering scheme that works, talk to us.