Staff training

The final stage of any automation project is Staff Training. Our aim is to familiarise staff with your newly delivered automated environment, macros and templates, and immediately increase productivity.

Typically, we find that we can minimise disruption by providing client-specific training in shorter blocks at your premises. Sending staff to external training courses means they are away from the office and presented with a lot of information not relevant to how they work or the specific features they use.  By conducting shorter in-house training sessions with smaller groups we can target staff members’ specific needs.

Management and staff will quickly get up to speed.

2-hour or ½-day training sessions are required – longer if the upgrade also includes a lot of new procedures. Staff training is conducted in groups or one-on-one as required. Training sessions can be run as ‘show-and-tell’ sessions for larger groups or ‘hands-on’ for smaller groups (say, 4-8 users).


User-guides are provided as part of any new or upgraded environment. User-guides are specific to each firm’s environment and used as a training tool, with lots of screen shots and general notes on things such as upgrading to new versions, what’s new and common shortcut keys.

Other training

While Kim Tangey no longer runs public training courses, she brings this experience into training sessions exclusively for Yorston Services clients, including

  • MS Office products at all levels – Introduction, Advanced, Programming and Upgrade
  • Productivity seminars – can be run over lunch focusing on a specific function within Word or Excel, for example Styles or Graphics in Word, or Dynamic Charts in Excel

HotDocs development and training

HotDocs is document automation software widely used in the legal sector and other industries.  Kim Tangey has been developing automated precedents using HotDocs for over 15 years in a wide variety of areas such as estate planning, property, litigation, franchising and commercial.

Kim is one of the very few people in Australia conducting HotDocs developer training, which includes a unique ‘workshop’ day where developers work on their own precedents with Kim’s support, so that they can ‘hit the ground running’ when they get back to the office.