Workflow analysis

Many companies heavily dependent on document production are relying on outdated or complicated systems and procedures, managing precedents, insertions, deletions and formatting options manually. Documents take hours or even weeks to finalise, leaving management and staff stressed and frustrated. Quality and efficiency is down.

‘One click’ automation will reduce drafting time from hours to minutes.

Yorston Services knows which questions to ask to ensure we cover all bases in determining workflow, identifying any duplication and redundant processes, and looking for ways to automate your document production using macros and templates.

Automation of precedents and clauses can reduce drafting time from hours to minutes and ensure all written communications are of a consistently high standard, including commonly used routines and complex formatting and print options.

No need for additional software.

You won’t need to purchase additional software – our aim is to maximise the capacity of your existing software and resources such as Word, Access and Excel. We will recommend system improvements and develop automation using existing software to ensure consistency and quality control moving forward.