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Save hours of frustration

At one law firm, lawyers and support staff would take days or even weeks to finalise the documents, as they struggled with eight pages of precedent instructions (such as ‘delete this paragraph if no guarantors’ or ‘insert this if more than one guarantor’) and formatting problems when inserting or deleting clauses. As part of our […]

Accuracy impacts bottom line

Lack of accuracy in the workplace means too much time wasted on fixing mistakes and putting out fires. In addition, inaccuracies result in decreased client confidence and damage to your reputation, as well as high stress levels amongst staff. Accuracy can be dramatically improved through simple automation of commonly used routines. Templates and macros will […]

Efficiency factors

Efficiency is achieved when all your company resources are being maximised, most importantly your staff and IT resources. To achieve this, your systems and procedures must support and inform your people so that they can remain on task and maintain corporate standards in the delivery of your product or service, leaving little to chance. This […]

Consistency is key

Your company’s corporate identity, if it’s consistent and effective, will generate market confidence in your capabilities and reputation. To be effective, corporate identity must be carried through every aspect of the company: way the phone is answered, face-to-face presentation and all forms of written communication. Emails, letters, quotes and invoices, proposals, websites, blogs and advertisements […]